Saturday, March 1, 2014

Google Streetview + Stop Animation + Imagination Creates a Beautiful Video

Have you ever used Google maps street-view to go back to somewhere you visited or a house you once lived in? It is fantastic tool - imagine when it is available in real time. In fact, you can in theory check out the whole route of where you plan to go visit.

Here are some pics I captured from Google Streetview after a vacation in France. 

The vacation may be over but we can still learn more about the places we stayed even when we come home.  That can really round out our experience and reinforce those memories of a rich experience. 

You can also use Google streetview to revisit those old places you once lived and see what they look like now. 

Create an album with photos from all your old neighbourhoods. Share your stories with your kids. 

Or if that's not enough - explore some of the most remote places in the world with Google maps.