Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Three Ages We Live

Sculpture executed circa 1300 A.D

"The passage of time was one of the main concerns in Mesoamerican society; thus,  many depictions of its passage allude to different aspects of the Mesoamerican view of the cosmos.

The three faces depict three phases in which time and humans are closely related. The central face is jovial and full of vigor, referring to the time when individuals are during their most productive years in a society. 

By way of contrast, the exterior mask has closed eyes, alluding to the opposite phase, death. 

In between is a period of no less importance, the state that arrives with experience: old age."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

RIchard Thompson: Still on NPR

ABC Radio National


Thompson's skills on the guitar were first noticed in the UK folk rock band Fairport Convention which he co-founded in 1967. His Ivor Novello-winning songs having been recorded by everyone from REM, Elvis Costello, and Graham Parker to The Pointer Sisters, Los Lobos, Jeff Lang, Dinosaur Jr and the Blind Boys of Alabama. His lyrics can be romantic, biting and black all in the same verse. 'There's a fine line between repeating yourself and having your own style,' he says.

 In his time as guest on RN Afternoons with Michael Mackenzie, Richard discusses his search for surprise, working with producer Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), and plays a new song called Beatnik Walking from the new album Still to be released in June 2015.