Thursday, November 28, 2013

Postcard Underground Encouraging

Here's a nice idea - A better way to support someone's bright idea! Postcard Underground Here's how one recipient responded. See article

"Have you ever heard of the Postcard Underground? Us either until last week. Turns out there is this nationwide group of people who pick an inspiring person, group or organization and inundates them with kind words through an age-old medium -- postcards. After all, who doesn't love a little "snail mail"? Receiving these notes is the kind of thing that really can turn a day around. So even though we don't know who you are, from all of us at ASC we say THANK YOU!

Among many wonderful things contained in the cards were these excerpts:

"Your work is important and appreciated!" - Nina (Minneapolis)
"Its amazing you've brought these two groups of people together" - Allison (Boston)
"Thank you for your inspired ideas and creative use of the spirit of adventure" - Anne (Seattle)
"Awesome idea! Thanks for making it happen." - Sue (Saint Paul) 

I always love to see signs of active encouragement! It seems like there is far too little going around, so this appealed to me a lot. 
For two reasons:
  1. Someone took action to support another's good idea
  2. They are fine tuning their sensors to notice good ideas around them!
I think this is a brilliant idea and the only thing that would make it better to me is to not have to go to the post office. I have a solution to that too that works for me. Here's an app you can use so you don't need to go there either!   Now you can send them off straight from your computer to their snail mail - and have no barrier to sending out your words of encouragement too!  
You could send postcards to encourage and offer recognition of a good idea or work to:
  • Friends
  • Charities
  • People with good ideas
  • Newly divorced
  • Newly married 
  • Graduates 
  • New parents 
  • Your parents 
Who else would you like to encourage?

To Just Make Things Better

I've started this blog to be a place for a mix of topics but all of them around the idea of 'A Better Life' - so I was pleased to find this quote from Leonard Cohen - who anyone who knows me will know I hold in the highest regard. 
His personal logo is two interlocking hearts. That's an interesting idea in itself. (Think on that some). Here's the story of them. 
“These two interlocking hearts, I designed for the cover of Book of Mercy,” his 1984 poetry collection, he says, moving along as he describes another chop. “I established this Order of the Unified Heart, that is a kind of dream of an order. There is no organization. There’s no hierarchy. There’s just a pin [for] people of a very broadly designated similar intent.”
“And yours is?”
He thinks for a minute. “To just make things better on a very personal level,” he says. “You’re just not scattered all over the place. There is a tiny moment when you might gather around some decent intention.”  

- Leonard Cohen in an interview from 2007 with Sarah Hampson